We really concern about the goods that will be easily rotten, dangerous, and abundant quantities, so we provide Airfreight for supporting service both domestic and international airport in the worldwide. We have well coordinate with the shipper and an international shipper service, so we can extremely provide our service in the acceptable and reasonable price.

** Caution for customer Since Air freight is rapidly for shipment, the customer should arrange each important document for taking the shipment and interfering to the destination completely before transferring to the airport of departure, and avoiding lateness and charging payment happened at the airport of destination. **

Weight for loading calculates holding on heavier weight as volume weights (calculating with size loading) that uses with abundant and lightweight quantity. Please see the calculated formula as below)

Formula of volume calculation (Kilograms)
Length (Centimeters) x width (Centimeters) x Height (Centimeters)

E.g., net weight is 100 Kilograms, and volume weight is 150 Centimeters x 80 Centimeters x 60 Centimeters = 120 Kilograms

So calculated gross weight for Air Freight is 120 Kilograms not 100 Kilograms