Nowadays, Our Company provides for various types of Logistics under An Act to codify the Law relating to Continuously Various Transportation 2005.

We provide a holistic coordination with company personnel that is such an experienced expert for a long time, and a business partnership is trustily both domestic and international.

Our company provides Transit and Transshipment from one classification to another classification. We will use this way in that case the transit does not have the junction between sender and receiver whether it be Air Freight, Land Freight, and Sea Freight.

We get a license approved from Thai Customs Department. Transit and Transshipment can be through Thailand as department and arrival to neighboring countries e.g. Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Sothern China, India, and Malaysia.

Greater Mekong sub-regional (GMS) and CLMVT have connected and combined an international Logistics including Land, Air, Rail Transport, and Sea, emphasized about developing economy and safety efficiently and comfortability to manage international Logistics in GMS. Thailand is the center for Logistics.

 Various types of Logistics are effective from GMS Combination and CLMVT. ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) established in 2015, and extended an international Logistics. These types made many traders getting chances in theirs business increasingly from international Logistics procedure with more than two types up.